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Other Services

All U.S. employers, even those who do not employ foreign workers, have to deal with immigration issues. Since 1986, employers have been required to verify employment authorization for every new hire. Not following the process properly can result in crippling fines even if there are no foreign nationals employed at all. Our experienced professionals provide self-audit services and also defend I-9 subpoenas/inspections and notices of intent to fine.

The R-1 visa allows foreign nationals to come to the United States temporarily for employment by a non-profit religious organization in the U.S. as a minister, monk, priest, rabbi, imam, or other religious worker. The religious organization can also petition for permanent residence by filing an I-360 petition. Our experienced lawyers have represented a wide variety of religious organizations and faiths in securing immigration status for their religious workers.

Mexican and Canadian nationals can come to work in the United States in TN visas. TN visas are a great option for employers and employees alike, and we will guide you through the requirements for TN visas.

Vrapi Weeks has a dedicated team of business and employment immigration professionals that work closely with employers and individuals to identify and obtain a variety of different immigration benefits, removing the immigration barriers that stand in your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

HSI agents came to my business and served a notice of I-9 inspection. What should I do?
You should call us immediately. Most notices of inspection (NOI) have a 72 hour deadline. You need an experienced professional to review all your documents before turning them over to HSI.
How long is R-1 status valid?
R-1 status can be granted for a maximum of 5 years. If a longer stay is desired, the religious organization can file an I-360 petition to obtain permanent residence for the religious worker.
Does my employer need to file a petition for my TN visa?
It depends. If you are in the United States and are seeking a change of status or extension of TN status, the employer is required to file a petition. However, if you are seeking a visa or admission from abroad, no petition is necessary by an employer. An employment letter from the employer is necessary.

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