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What types of cases do you handle?

Noble Vrapi is a law firm that handles affirmative petition cases for individuals and families as well as business and employment cases . These include, but are not limited to: work permits, green card (permanent residence card), and citizenship. A part of our work also includes humanitarian protection for crime victims and children. In some situations, we also help with adoption matters or family criminal law in relation to the client’s immigration case.

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Do the lawyers speak Spanish?

At Noble Vrapi 100% of our team speaks Spanish! If you need help in any other language, we have access to live interpreters over the phone.

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How does the process work?

To get started, schedule a consultation. During your consultation you will speak with an attorney who will ask you questions to understand your immigration goals, current situation, and personal history. After this, your lawyer will create a specific immigration strategy for you, explain the steps in detail, and provide you with an agreement (contract) for you to sign.

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Can I speak to a lawyer?

To speak with an attorney, schedule your consultation now!

Click here: https://vrapiweeks.com/schedule-a-consultation/
Call (505) 352-6660
I texted (505) 600-3777

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