Higher Education Professionals

Higher Education Professionals

The large majority of graduate students in STEM fields are foreign born. Institutions of higher education are at a unique advantage in the labor market because they can petition for H-1B visas without being subject to the numerical cap. This advantage makes universities much more competitive.

Our firm has dedicated employment immigration professionals who work primarily with institutions of higher education and talented faculty and researchers so that administrators and selection committees can hire and retain the best talent and not have to worry about immigration barriers. We understand and can accommodate any internal processes or requirements to make the faculty and staff recruitment process as easy as possible. We also work directly with talented researchers and professionals in filing extraordinary ability and national interest waiver petitions.

Frequently Asked Questions

We routinely receive immigration questions from faculty candidates that we cannot answer. Can you help?
Yes. We work very closely with our university clients in providing clear answers to questions so that both parties can focus on what is important and not worry about the immigration barriers.
We hired a foreign national assistant professor to start in August, but the H-1B cap has been reached for this fiscal year. Can we still petition for this faculty?
Yes. Institutions of higher education are exempt from the H-1B numerical cap so you can file H-1B petitions year-round.
I am engaging in groundbreaking research. What immigration options do I have?
You have many options to permanent residence whether you self-petition (EB-1 extraordinary ability and national interest waiver petitions) or whether a university or other research institution petitions for you (EB-2 competitive recruitment PERM or EB-1B outstanding researcher or professor petitions).

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Schedule a consultation. Meet with one of our dedicated business and employment immigration professionals. We will make a plan to take care of all your immigration needs. We accommodate all your internal processes and requirements. You focus on the rest of your organization's needs. Immigration issues are taken care of.