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Apr 28, 2022 | We’re hiring a Legal Assistant/Paralegal in Albuquerque!

We’re hiring a Legal Assistant/Paralegal in Albuquerque!

Apply on Indeed by clicking here.   THE FIRM Vrapi Weeks is the leading immigration law firm in New Mexico with offices in Albuquerque and …

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Nov 6, 2017 | Olsi Vrapi

From Breadlines to Business Owner

One of the earliest memories I have of my grandfather is him waiting in a line at 3 AM to buy milk for our family. …


May 20, 2017 | Amber L. Weeks

Albuquerque Immigration Lawyer

Know Your Rights

Now, more than ever, it is crucial for all immigrants and all family, friends, and neighbors of immigrants to know your rights and to be …


Jul 28, 2016 | Olsi Vrapi

Expansion of Provisional Waivers

The Department of Homeland Security just announced a new regulation that will go into effect on August 29, 2016 that expands the I-601A waiver rules. …


Jun 14, 2016 | Olsi Vrapi

Olsi Vrapi Awarded Young Lawyer of the Year

The American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) awarded Olsi Vrapi the 2012 Joseph Minsky Young Lawyer Award for his outstanding contributions in the field of immigration …


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